1 Introduction

Useful Terms:

Forensic Criminal Investigation Agency (FCIA) – An agency that focuses on using new forensic technology to solve high profile criminal cases. Many of its cases involve those of great status and/or power. The agency works closely with the local police force to put a close to cases involving many dangerous criminals.

CIU – An abbreviation for “Criminal Investigative Unit”. A fairly new unit created to investigate the organization’s high profile cases. They possess a secret device, VsFB, that allows them to hear the victim’s last thoughts and/or words. Each member of the team specializes in a specific area, making for a very efficient and effective team.

VsFB – Pronounced “Visb”, an abbreviation for the “Victim’s Final Breath”. A device that allows the team to listen in to the victim’s last thoughts and/or words. A highly secretive device, produced with the latest technology in existance. While the information it provides cannot be used directly in court, it often gives valuable clues to who the perpetrator of the crime was. Not a perfect device.

Major Characters:

Hayden Griffith (23) – The story’s protagonist. A criminal profiler and the son of the police chief. Others are strongly convinced that it was his father’s influence that gave him his position, so he must prove that he is, in fact, qualified to hold that position. He is left handed. While he is a (new) field agent, the team leaves most of the scene sketching and observations to him, as he is the best at capturing the details of each crime scene. The youngest member of the unit.

Evelyn Kirchner (29) – Known as Evie by her team. An energetic agent who openly dotes on Hayden, the team’s youngest member. She is known for hugging those whom she is close to and is slightly offended if any of her teammates reject her hugs. Hayden notes that she is similar in personality to his mother. Another profiler, who is skilled at analyzing people and their personalities. She focuses more on descriptive offender profiling (analyzing what kind of people would commit certain crimes), rather than predictive profiling (Hayden’s specialty, predicting possibly future crimes and/or potential victims). Cadmus insists that the only time she’s quiet is when she has a lead on a case or if something is wrong.

Cadmus Nevitt (39) – Known as Cad. He is the team’s co-leader and takes it upon himself to be an older brother figure for the team. A reliable agent and friend, he is approachable and easy to talk to. He is skilled at negotiations and interrogations. Hayden and the team jokingly (and fondly) refer to him as the “mini boss”. While he can easily manipulate adult criminals, he has a tougher time handling children.

Daniel Rolmac (45) – The team’s leader. Called “Boss” by every member of the CIU except for Cadmus, who simply calls him “Dan”. Nowhere near as approachable as Cadmus is and has a reputation of being fairly intimidating, but does his work well and is well respected. His team jokes that he frowned so much that the frown is now permanently etched onto his face. Despite his gruff appearance, he is excellent in handling child victims. He is fairly protective over his team and is quick to get agitated if any of them are harmed in any way.

Leanne Landreth (28) – Close friends with Evelyn, since they are of similar ages. She is excellent at processing and analyzing evidence with the use of a lab and a computer. She can also hack into systems and tap into telephones and other devices. Cheerful, but considerably more reserved than Evelyn is. She is considered “lady-like” by many from appearance and personality alone, contradictory to her primary job.

Jett Emmers (29) – The newest member of the team, who joined shortly after Hayden did. While kind and friendly to the rest of the team, he is fairly hostile to Hayden for some reason.

Minor Characters:

Alston Griffith – Hayden’s father and the police commander. He takes his work seriously and is admired by many. Very protective of his family; he dotes on his son and, like his wife, worries about his well-being.

Luciela Griffith – Hayden’s mother. She constantly worries about both her son and her husband. While she is excellent at baking, she is fairly clumsy with everything else.

Marcus Connelly – The young director of the FCIA. He is well liked among various government agencies and is known for his impartiality in making decisions. A former field agent. He gets along well with the Griffith family.


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